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SHI "the 4th city clinical hospital named. N. E. Savchenko " Minsk

Opened its doors in 1960. The clinic then included 22 other clinics and hospitals (3rd polyclinic, 3rd children's hospital, 15 city polyclinic, etc.)
History has many moments of reorganizing the structure of the clinic, but thanks to Nikolai Savchenko, many scientific directions were opened for work.

At the moment, the clinic employs such professionals as Serebro Viktor Pavlovich, Troyanovskaya Natalia Gennadievna and others.

Works in a hospital:
  • Republican center of urology
  • City center for vascular surgery
  • City center of herniology and bariatric surgery
  • City Nephrology center
  • Center for drug pathology
  • City centre radionulides diagnosis.

The following branches are currently functioning:
  • reception
  • cardiological
  • nephrological
  • purulent surgery with complicated vascular pathology
  • vascular surgery-otorhinolaryngology
  • urological departments # 1, # 2, # 3
  • General anesthesiology and intensive care
  • plastic and aesthetic surgery-hemodialysis Department
  • Department of x-ray shock-wave remote stone crushing and endoscopic surgery
  • Department of ultrasound diagnostics
  • auxiliary (biochemical laboratory of the hemodialysis Department, clinical diagnostic laboratory, CSO, in-hospital pharmacy, radiology Department, functional diagnostics Department, radionuclide diagnostics Department, physiotherapy Department, transfusiological care office, stomic care office for urological patients, city consulting urological office, statistics office and medical archive).

The hospital also includes the accounting Department, the Department for extra-budgetary activities, the personnel Department, and the economic service.

4 CCH attracts highly qualified specialists in their field who have completed advanced training courses at Bel MAPO, as well as internships both in the CIS countries and abroad. Our specialists have many patents and awards.
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from 9 to 21 seven days a week
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ИП Кротова А.Н.
УНП 192781634
from 9 to 21 seven days a week
Call or write!
I will always consult you for free.