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Treatment and prevention of cancer in Belarus

The diagnosis of "cancer" has ceased to be perceived as a verdict: today it is quite easily cured if diagnosed in a timely manner. The main danger of Oncology is that the initial stages of cancer are completely asymptomatic and unnoticeable for the patient.

Cancer treatment in Belarus

Treatment and prevention of cancer in Belarus with Dr. Anna
This is primarily a surgical removal of the tumor (operation). And then, for medical reasons, the patient may be additionally prescribed:
- chemotherapy – taking pills or setting a drip with antitumor medications;
- radiation therapy-treatment with medical radiation.

Cancer treatment in Belarus is famous for using the most advanced methods , many of which have no analogues in the CIS. In Belarus, diagnostics and treatment with radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer are widespread.

You don't pay for Dr. Anna's services

Our work is funded by medical institutions. You should pay ONLY for the completed procedures at the clinic's cash register. THIS IS POSSIBLE thanks to partnerships, discounts and guarantees are given for some services.
The selection of treatment and travel arrangements DO not AFFECT your account!

The prevention of cancer

The first thing that everyone should think about in connection with the growing number of cases of cancer is cancer prevention!
In order to be completely sure that there are no dangerous formations in the body, Belarusian doctors have specially developed a number of diagnostic cancer programs.

This can be a full preventive "check-up" examination of the body or its individual systems.

Diagnosis of cancer in Belarus includes molecular genetic research in cases where it is necessary to determine the risk of inheriting cancer in families.

Cancer prevention is an important step to preserve your health for many years to come!

How can I help a foreign client-patient?

You tell me a convenient date and time of arrival in Belarus, which I agree with the chosen clinic.
I ask patients with an already established cancer diagnosis to send me all available medical documents, which I carefully study and send to the clinic for consultation with an oncologist.
We make an approximate plan of medical interventions and calculate its cost.
This information is sent back to the client who, based on our calculations, will have to make a decision about cancer treatment in Minsk.

Usually the whole process takes no more than 3 working days , because in the case of cancer, the time is very limited and it is important to have time to take action as quickly as possible!
« To organize an online consultation, draw up a plan , calculate the time of stay in Belarus and more accurately calculate the cost, you need medical documents with the diagnosis, signature and seal of the doctor. Otherwise, only face-to-face consultation is possible , which we will arrange in 1 day. »

Cost of cancer treatment in Belarus

The price of cancer care depends on the type of operation, the treatment prescribed, the number of days of hospitalization, and additional examinations and tests performed. In each case, the price is calculated individually, but the approximate price range for standard medical interventions is from $500 to $6000.

Equipment for Oncology treatment in Minsk

The latest device for remote radiation therapy, which significantly reduced the unpleasant side effects observed after radiation treatment.

Linear accelerator

It allows you to identify hidden tumors and diagnose them when other diagnostic methods are ineffective. The price is about $700.


For oncological operations on the brain.

A unique gamma-knife

Cancer treatment in Minsk is a priority area of medical tourism in Belarus. We are especially proud of the professionalism of doctors who are constantly improving their skills (including abroad), the achievements of the Belarusian pharmaceutical industry in the development and implementation of anti-cancer drugs and the latest equipment for the treatment of Oncology in Minsk.
«Don 't forget that "disease is easier to prevent than to treat", so the first thing to remember is the prevention of cancer. Visit your doctors in a timely manner and stay healthy!»
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